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Time To Stay Off The Naughty List

An agent review app is coming online soon, and people will be checking it more than twice.

REA Group is adding an "Agent Ratings and Reviews" application to their realestate.com.au website, to be live some time in "early 2019".
Agents will have some advance time to set up their "personal brand" by signing up with the service and gathering authentic reviews from past customers before the service goes live.

REA says agents will have the ability to challenge reviews they believe to be fake or dishonest, and will also be able to post a reply to any and all reviews.

According to REA Group, this is intended to help buyers and sellers choose an agent that is right for them:

"Selling a property can be a challenging task, and 41 per cent of Australian sellers admit it’s difficult to find the right agent to sell their home.

"In just over a week, more than 700 ratings and reviews have already been submitted. All reviews will pass through realestate.com.au quality checks to ensure they are from real clients who had purchased or sold a property over the past 12 months.

"Unlike many other websites which charge for reviews, Agent Ratings and Reviews on realestate.com.au is and will remain a free service."

Rachel Morley, general manager of REA Group, said this initiative is important to the industry.

"Ratings and reviews have become an important part of research in today’s digital world, with 55 per cent of consumers reading online reviews before making a purchasing decision.

"In collaboration with the industry, we recognised that Agent Ratings and Reviews on realestate.com.au needed to be free and unbiased, and feature reviews from genuine past clients to ensure agents were being represented fairly."

The response so far has been "incredibly" positive, according to Ms Morley.

"We know there is a big desire from agents to migrate reviews from other platforms onto realestate.com.au and we’re looking into how we can achieve this.

"We would encourage all agents to actively seek out reviews from any client over the past 12 months to ensure that come launch, they have reviews visible on realestate.com.au."

You can go to REA's information page to learn more about their Agent Ratings and Reviews.

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