11.01.2019 at 19:48
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Real Estate Agent's Drone Shot Down

A Mid North Coast man has been arrested after shooting down a drone a real estate agent was using to take pictures.

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A real estate agent was preparing to take aerial pictures of a Burrell Creek property with his drone when apparently it was shot down out of the sky.

Police were called, and discovered 187 cannabis plants, about 20kg of dried cannabis, along with a sum of cash.

The police allege that 46-year-old Jamie Lulham, a resident of the home, shot the drone.

They were then directed to a place about 5km away, where they found and seized a .22 calibre rifle.

Mr Fulham was taken to Taree Police station where he was charged with eight firearms and drug offences.

He was denied bail and was to appear in Grafton Local Court on Friday.

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