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QLD Real Estate Companies Allowed To Join REEF

Until now the eligibility rules of the Real Estate Employers' Federation (REEF) excluded businesses in Queensland.

REEF is a group which assists real estate companies, mainly in regard to their employer-employee and other workplace relationships.

In 2018 REEF applied to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to change its eligibility rules to allow Queensland real estate employers to join the organisation.

During the public comment period there was only one objector: the Queensland Real Estate Industrial Organisation of Employers (QREIO, aka REEA), an organisation which might be seen as something of a competitor to REEF.

Last Thursday, in a hearing before the FWC, REEF's application was granted. The FWC found that the objector failed to show why an employer would "more conveniently" become a member of REEA than of REEF.

As a result, the words "or Queensland" were added to REEF's eligibility rules, so now they read:

"The Federation shall consist of persons (which may include an individual, firm, partnership, trust, organisation, association, corporation, sole trader or statutory authority), who are employers in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania or Queensland engaged in or in connection with the Property, Stock and Business Agency industries. For the purpose of this Rule 'employer' means real estate agent, stock and station agent, business agent, real estate dealer, property management agent, strata management agent, builder, property developer, auctioneer, real estate valuer or a person who employs a salesperson to sell land."

Some estate agents may see membership in REEF as a step up in the power of employers over employees, however REEF also works to instruct employers about their obligations in regard to the workplace and employment.

Top photo: REEF logo.

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