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Property Of The Day: Man Wins Entire Apartment Block

A Boronia Heights man has won the latest RSL Art Union prize... an entire apartment block.

The Queensland man, who does not wish to be named, is the latest recipient of the RSL Art Union drawing.

RSL holds regular raffles to benefit Australian veterans.

When the man was presented with the news, his reply was, "Are you serious?"

He said, "This will change our lives forever. There's not much to say but thank you."

Apparently he was repairing the bumper on his 1994 Toyota Corolla when he was told he had also won two new Audis.

RSL said in a statement:

"This prize could not have come at a better time, after going through a rough patch, (the man) has been living with his wife, two girls, and extended family all in one property. Now they have an entire luxury apartment complex to choose from."

In addition to the apartment complex and two new cars (one white, one black), he also received $50,000 in gold bullion.

The apartment complex, valued at about $5 million, has 6 units: one 4-bedroom penthouse and 5 2-bedroom apartments.

If the penthouse is occupied, the rental income is $171,000 per year, according to RSL. That jumps to $238,680 if the penthouse is also rented out.

On top of all that, the complex was also loaded up with $377,112 worth of furniture and appliances.

There are 12 resident car spaces and 2 visitor spaces.

The unnamed man and his family will likely be having a very Merry Christmas.

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