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Peeping Tom Real Estate Agent Faces New Charges

A second person has accused the agent of peeping through her window.

As we wrote about earlier, Mr Isaac Nelson Teu, a 30-year-old real estate agent in the northern beaches area, has been charged with peeping through the window of a 13-year-old girl in a house next to a property he was selling.

Isaac Teu

Someone meeting Mr Teu's description was caught by a security camera, looking through the window.

Mr Teu appeared in the Manly Local Court on Wednesday, charged with 2 counts of peeping/prying, 2 counts of stalking or intimidation with intent to cause physical or mental harm, and 1 count of trespass with intent to commit an indictable offence, all of which occurred at the home of the Collaroy teen.

She noticed him peering through the window on 30 November, and allegedly he had also done the same thing on October 4.

The security camera footage is being used as evidence. Neighbors who had seen Mr Teu during the course of his selling the property next door were quick to identify him.

Yesterday Mr Teu appeared before the same court, facing the similar charges but brought by a different person, a Collaroy woman in her 20s who said he was peeping on her, too.

There is allegedly security camera footage of this incident as well.

Mr Teu was given bail, with conditions, despite the police prosecutor Sgt John Sharpin opposing bail following these new charges.

He opposed bail because Mr Teu was "a risk to not just one alleged victim, but multiple victims".

"This is an individual who is finding young women … accessing their property and looking at them through windows."

He told Magistrate Goodwin Mr Teu was "an unacceptable risk against people in the community".

"He has the propensity to have an obsession with multiple people by that I mean more than one."

Mr Teu's defense lawyer, Paul Kenney, said there was no indication that Mr Teu would not cooperate or fail to appear.

Magistrate Goodwin said his bail conditions are strict and he had not violated them: "There’s no suggestion he would not appear in court".

She said his conditions are strict enough that he was already basically under house arrest.

He must also report to the Dee Why Police Station 3 times per week and refrain from consumption of drugs or alcohol.

The Magistrate adjourned the matter until 23 January, when the new charges will be heard and a plea entered.

Detective Inspector Michael Bourtouridis told media sources that the police take these kinds of reports very seriously.

"Families have the right to feel safe in their own homes but incidents such as these can be extremely distressing, especially when children are involved."

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