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An entire town, including 20 homes, for the price of a coast home, passed in at auction.

As we wrote about the other day, an entire mill town, including office, enormous covered shed area, and 20 homes, was up for sale.

The price guide for the whole bit was less than many coast city homes.

And a river even runs through it.

The old mill town of Tone River is admittedly out there in the bush... sort of wilderness... but similar old mill towns have been made into major tourist destinations.

And this one seems to be very suited for just that.

There is a church, town hall, and other common buildings in addition to the homes.

The price guide was set at about $990,000, which may have seemed a bit much for some, considering the investment risk.

Still, many folks, especially DIYers, could make much of this piece of real estate.

The agent selling the property, Colin Wallbank, thinks people will realise the missed opportunity and the property will sell in coming weeks.

There are some prospective buyers who are looking to turn the place into a health retreat, or some other such venture.

"There are a couple of bidders I really hope it goes to. It would be nice if it was something the public could go to. So that families can come back to the country and enjoy the nature."

The property is almost 40 hectares, and has all the amenities of a self-contained woodland community.

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