26.02.2017 at 12:25
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Alluring Goldilocks video produces prompt sale

A new property video from Zentori Real Estate in Victoria features a nubile Goldilocks character skipping through the property dressed as a maid. The video starts with an olde worlde book opening as a professional female narrator announces "Once upon a time....". Then the Goldilocks illustration morphs into a real life Goldilocks character several years older than the fairytale version. The narrator explains that Goldilocks is at first impressed with the home's fireplaces but then manages to locate the high end air conditioning so she knows the temperature can be just right. She brushes past the garden in a fashion more sensuous than one normally sees in property videos and gazes with innocent wonderment at the spacious walk-in pantry. After trying 3 bowls of porridge in the renovated kitchen Goldilocks decides to expore the bedrooms. She toys momentarily with the inviting spa bath but, exhausted from her adventures, collapses on her back onto the master king bed. Then, just as the video seems to end with an invitation to contact Jordan Hendrix of Zentori Real Estate, something happens that alarms poor young Goldilocks.

Mr Hendrix told PropertyNerd News: "Propsective buyers have been telling us that property videos are all the same and they weren't watching them any more, they preferred to just looked at the photos. So we decided to do something a little bit different and came up with this idea that we hoped would get peoples' attention. And it really did. On our facebook page the video attracted way more hits than anything else we had posted before. And all the attention has got us more listings too".

But PropertyNerd news asked: "Did the property sell?". "Oh yes, says Hendrix. We got three offers on the first open for inspection which is quite unusual for our market. And the vendor accepted one of those offers which was only $10,000 below the asking price. So this was a really successful campaign and the vendors were really happy."

Mr Hendrix also told PropertyNerd News that the video took 6.5 hours to shoot and they hired a professional actress, costume and a few props. They used "Final Focus" to produce the video and the total cost was $1,100.

To view the video in full screen go to https://youtu.be/tKkBjskaNMU.

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